Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fun Times at the Massoth house...

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE to purge. Definition: go through (any house, really) but most recently, Mom and Dad's house and throw or give away ANYTHING I can get my hands on and convince them they don't need anymore. This need to unclutter (word?) is amplified by my unemployment. A girl has to stay busy!! So, here are a few pics of what I've uncovered lately. (Some make me shudder.) Oooh, and if that isn't enough, tell me the difference between the two couches: Yes, the first one is Mom's couch from the family room. The 2nd one is the used couch that she just bought to REPLACE the first one. I sigh.


Favorite Uncle said...

Well! Where do I begin?

Let's start with asking: Is there anything you wanted to 'purge' when you visited my home? If so, what needs to be tossed? (Call before you stop in for another visit!)

Secondly, that cordless electric carving knife was my gift to your mom and dad! Before you pitch it, bring it to the Antique Roadshow to check its value!

Thirdly, give your mom credit--if for nothing else--for consistency. She may be limited in her tastes, but she has always gone with what works. For example, marrying your father?

Finally, thank you for posting! Keep it up!

Your Favorite Uncle

Jules said...

Sadly, dear uncle, all that remains of the electric knife is the manual.:)

Anonymous said...

what is that receipt for!?!?