Saturday, January 27, 2007

Plans for the Weekend (As Demanded by Christina)

Geez, you're bossy, Christina:) yes, we will be giving you updates on our weekend. so i talked to jane today and the plan is that on sunday she and larry will pick us up at 10 am (is this detailed enough for you, christina?) jane says that jon is trying to get off of work so that he can come with us but when i talked to him this evening he said, "uh yeah, i think i might be sick on sunday . . . " (cough, cough) what a punk:) but tomorrow is supposed to be really rainy so i'm not really sure what i'm going to do. i might use the day to clean since i haven't done that at all yet and then i'm going to ikea and then to buy a digital camera. i've decided it's time. i welcome any suggestions:) (hint, hint chris:) i went out for pizza and beer with my friend liz and we had a fun time. we're talking about possibly venturing into downtown san fran tomorrow night: she has a friend who lives downtown so we thought we might hit a few bars: yea! i would be so excited. i don't know what kate's plans are: and by the way, i've told her to make an entry on here but she says she doesn't have anything to say (i find that very hard to believe: i think she's holding out on some stories from work . . SOMETHING exciting/amusing must happen at target:) OKAY, we will keep you updated and once i have the camera . . . watch out!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Okay, so -Christina and Chris want to know how our boring work days are going and they are just that: boring work days:) but actually tuesday night, i went out to dinner with my neighbor liz (i call her liz from long island, i think it's cute) and we went to a bar and had a few drinks and it was a lot of fun. she's an avid greys watcher as well and invited katie and i to watch on thursdays so . . . i think that's where we'll be tomorrow. it was so funny this morning, though - kate left at 5am and m had slept in my room all night - when i woke up at 6am to get up, i couldn't find m until i went to kate's room: she was on her bed WITH HER HEAD ON KATIE'S PILLOW! it was hysterical. and i don't think we've told anyone that m has "claimed" katie's bedroom: every time we come home, m comes trotting out of katie's room. it's so funny . . . what a crazy dog. enough about our child, though - no changes in the work situations, but i did leave kate a note the other morning: it had tips for speaking spanish:)! things like "no habla espanol!" and hace frio! hola! como estas? muy bien, gracias, y tu? i thought it was funny, but i don't know if she used any of them. damn it!!:) okay, we're working on getting a camera together for this weekend but we have no idea yet what we're going to do, so . . . more updates to come later:)

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Ok, so today we went to Muir Woods National Forest: it was so awesome!! There were tons of redwoods and it was absolutely gorgeous. Christina, I'm sorry - we forgot the camera! So, we have absolutely no pictures to show. AND we drove across the golden gate bridge . . . WOOHOOO!!!! It was very fun - and from afar we could see alcatraz, SWEET:) We did a lot of hiking and pooped out . . . but it was a very relaxing Sunday:)