Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nursing humor.

Okay, so this may only be comical to fellow nurses and medical profs but I enjoyed this one so much that I had to retell it. This story is about the parents of a friend of a coworker. An elderly couple arrived to the ER one night after the man had passed out while on the toilet. After examining him and running a few tests, they sent the man home. The man returned the following evening with the same problem. The physician examined him again and reviewed his medicines, ran a few more tests and sent him home again. 45 minutes later, the man returned, stating that it happened AGAIN. At this point, the medical staff began to suspect that perhaps the wife was poisoning him somehow or causing these episodes. The attending assigned a nurse assistant and a resident to monitor the man and his wife. A little while later, there was a code blue called to the gentleman's room. When the attending arrived, he was told that the wife had taken the man to the bathroom and that he had passed out again. The attending turned to the wife and said, "What are you DOING to him?!" The wife tearfully replied, "Nothing! I was just putting his hemorrhoid medicine on him!" Upon closer inspection, the "hemorrhoid" cream was actually NITROGLYCERIN.