Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm Back:)!

Okay, so I went back to work today (sigh of relief). Everyone was SO nice- it's nurses' week and my manager included me in the festivities. I got free gifts INCLUDING a nice picnic chair (you know, the kind that goes into the bag and you throw over your shoulder?:) I still don't know what I'm doing yet (i.e. life) but I've decided that I miss M terribly. Mom gives me daily babysitting updates. The newest thing?: M has 2 boxes of treats, so they hold up both boxes and let her pick which one she wants. Unbelievable:)... I love it. You know she thinks she's a princess. I'm in an extended stay right now and trying really hard to get an apartment. Just wanted to say a big thanks to Mom and Dad (and the kids) for taking care of M. I love you guys! and I know she's having a good time. (I think she's regularly eating popcorn and watching movies with the fam:) Oh! - and she has a new boyfriend that comes over to play. Can you tell that I miss her? By the way, Kate - I'm watching "According to Jim" and I miss you!!!