Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cake Class.... Check.

During the month of February, I took a cake decorating class at one of the Michael's stores here in town with three other girls from work. I think I seriously underestimated the art of cake decorating. It has been a lot more work than I anticipated and I am happy to say that - while I enjoyed learning a new skill and spending time with friends - the class is finally over. For some reason, I attracted the attention of the very nice instructor who ... just didn't seem to care for me very much:). At one point, she yelled at me to sit up straight (CAKE class...right?) and on the last day she announced to the class that "Jennifer's being difficult over here" - this is AFTER I've told her repeatedly that my name is Julie. After she says this, the girls (again who I work with) chime in with "tell us about it - we have to put up with her everyday":). And then all of them started calling me "Jen". Ba ha ha. We are still giggling about it. I put a pic here of my final masterpiece. Now, the true test will be next week when I try to make Em's birthday cake. (On a side note - after I made my roses and complained about how terrible they were, Emily looked at them and said, "I would be PROUD to have these on my birthday cake!!:)-) Just one of the many reasons I'm glad we're roommates:).

Cuddlers and Sleepers

Why is the little Missy such a snuggle bug?