Sunday, September 27, 2009

10k Run

Emily and I will be running a 10k on October 24 for a charitable organization, Home of the Innocents. I've included an informative excerpt from their website to acquaint you with their purpose. I spent some time working in their facilities as a nursing student and the work that they do is incredible. We're trying to raise money in addition to our own donations and we appreciate any help that we can get. Donations can be made at

Where can I feel safe?

Where can I get the special medical care I need?

Will I ever find a ‘Forever Home?’”

I’m pregnant. Where can I turn for help?

Why can’t anyone understand me?

No child should ever have to ask these tough questions. The truth, however, is that there are hundreds of children right here in your community asking these questions every day. Fortunately, Home of the Innocents is here to help.

The doors to our Childkind Center are always open for children who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. Some of these children live with us at our Joan E. Thomas children’s village. While here, children receive round-the-clock care and counseling. We also see that children continue their education, take part in community events, and have time just to be kids.

Our Childkind Center also provides services throughout the metro Louisville area. We help heal families on the verge of breakup due to a variety of issues. We are providing in school and in home support to autistic children and their families. And our Therapeutic Loving foster Care program is dedicated to finding forever families for many of these displaced children.

Home of the Innocents is also there for children who are medically fragile, technology dependent, or terminally ill. Our Kosair Charities Pediatric Convalescent Center is this region’s only long-term residential facility for kids, ages infant to 21, with physical and/or developmental disabilities.

Our clinical team of medical professionals sees to the unique needs of each child and we also become an extended part of each child’s family.

For 125 years, Home of the Innocents has been the answer for many of your community’s vulnerable children. If you would like to see for yourself the positive difference the Home makes on the lives of so many, visit our Schedule a Tour page.

Mission Statement:

The Home of the Innocents, a community of dedicated people and those they serve, provides the skills and opportunities by which vulnerable children, youth and their families may improve their lives.

A Weekend at Mom and Dad's

Em and I both went home this weekend. (Does it surprise you that we're still doing almost everything together?) Emily got together with Rachel and I got to see Lauren and Megan, as well as go to the spa for an awesome pedicure. Michael ran a cross-country meet on Saturday and came in 6th place. Woohoo! Dad and Bryan golfed most of the weekend. I brought home Larry's cookies from Marion... and I can FEEL the jealousy already:). Everybody (except Dad) went to the fall festival on Friday night. And Mom and Emily and I shopped at Gordman's while Joe scouted out Guitar Center on Sunday afternoon. Oh yea - we drew names for Christmas, too. Wooptee doo. Now I have to think about this for 3 whole months. There are some things I'd just rather wait until the last minute for. Now I have no excuse for getting a crappy gift. It's so much pressure!! Anyway - I think that cover it. Oh - and Miss M had a GREAT time. Loved all the attention and milked it for all it was worth. *Sigh. Getting ready for another week...