Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Weekend at Mom and Dad's

Em and I both went home this weekend. (Does it surprise you that we're still doing almost everything together?) Emily got together with Rachel and I got to see Lauren and Megan, as well as go to the spa for an awesome pedicure. Michael ran a cross-country meet on Saturday and came in 6th place. Woohoo! Dad and Bryan golfed most of the weekend. I brought home Larry's cookies from Marion... and I can FEEL the jealousy already:). Everybody (except Dad) went to the fall festival on Friday night. And Mom and Emily and I shopped at Gordman's while Joe scouted out Guitar Center on Sunday afternoon. Oh yea - we drew names for Christmas, too. Wooptee doo. Now I have to think about this for 3 whole months. There are some things I'd just rather wait until the last minute for. Now I have no excuse for getting a crappy gift. It's so much pressure!! Anyway - I think that cover it. Oh - and Miss M had a GREAT time. Loved all the attention and milked it for all it was worth. *Sigh. Getting ready for another week...

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Anonymous said...

we drew names & no one called to tell me who i have!?!?!?! i love this shit!!! unlike you jules!! i've been wondering who i'll have for the past 3 months!!.....duh, clearance!! mmmuuuhhhhaaahhhhaaa!! anyways, glad you guys had a good weekend! love ya!