Saturday, February 17, 2007

Okay - so today was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was in the high 70s low 80s all day today . . . kate and i went for a walk and we were actually Sweating - in the middle of february! Tomorrow we're going to play paintball with jon and we're really excited. it was a tough decision, though:) we were so tempted to go to the beach but we will save that for another weekend. here are a few more pics we thought you'd enjoy. they're from our weekend at half moon bay and moss beach. isn't that a fantastic sunset? and then kate and m are hanging out together:) we'll give updates on paintballing tomorrow (and hopefully we'll have some pics!:)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Okay - so kate and i are officially in our 6th week here and . . . we're tired of working:) but M is having a lot of fun:) the novelty of being in a new place is wearing off and reality is setting in:( but we're managing and we're together which makes it much more bearable. so - yesterday, kate was sick and stayed home from work (she's feeling much better now) so she was going to take me to the train station. well, we were late and she ended up having to take me all the way to work. while she was gone, M ate ALL of her cough drops (2 whole packages). katie, of course, was less than pleased. she put M in "time-out" for a really long time and then katie went to take a nap and shut her door so that M couldn't come in. in retaliation, M took a nap on katie's clean laundry on the couch (did i mention that M is starting to shed lately?) so katie's clean laundry was no longer clean. THEN, kate took M out to use the bathroom, it started raining and M got very wet. when kate brought her back in, she took her immediately to the patio so M could shake off. Katie left her out there for 15 min and she never ONCE shook off but as soon as she let her in . . . BINGO! M shook water all over the furniture, floor, etc. (There's a war and I don't know who's winning!!) and that's the extent of the excitement around here:)