Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aunt Emily's Birthday Cake

I tested my new cake skills today: Voila!!

For Aunt Emily: the many faces of Sisaye

For Aunt Katie: New Outfit

A Mini-Break

I took the last week off of work and traveled to Minnesota to see Aunt Katie. Along the way and along the way back, I stopped in South Bend to see the kiddos. I'm always so impressed to see how quickly they grow. Sisaye held a toy up to me and said "Hep me this!" which is absolutely adorable and amazing. And D and I played "slam dunk!" and did many chest passes. He gets more fun all the time. I only wish that I lived closer to all of my sisters:(. We just have too much fun. Here are a few pics from the trip, although sadly - Kate and I never took any of us!! Boo.