Saturday, January 13, 2007

Addendum to initial post:): katie wants to add (and i quote):"katie got her first haircut in 3 years today and IT SUCKS ASS!!" it's really not that bad. AND katie is holding M like a baby right now - that's right, over the shoulder, like a baby. it's hysterical:)
Alright - so Katie and I have officially been in san fran (or thereabouts) for exactly one week now. . . and it has been quite an adventure. i'm working at stanford hospital and -well, so far, so good. nothing horrible, but nothing fantastic either. and katie works at the target here in mountain view, but she says it's the "ghetto" target and hardly anyone speaks english there. i met another nurse named liz who is from long island and lives in the same apartment complex. she seems like fun so i hope we see more of her. M is loving having TWO people to live with again. i came home the other day and katie had taken her out for TWO walks AND she let M come with her to taco bell. she's so spoiled . . .:) and we had our first Trader Joe's experience today. it's so cheap!! we decided that we love it and we will definitely go back. i'm riding the train to work which makes for some really interesting stories. the bus drivers on campus at stanford are CRAZY!!! but we are having a fantastic time and chris' family has been so nice. jane called to check on us the other night and while some might say that it's annoying to have parents call, it's nice when you're out here by yourself in a new place. if there are any suggestions for things we MUST do while we're out here, we would be excited to hear them:)