Saturday, April 28, 2007


Hurrah! I will finally be employed again after 5 weeks:) I know Everyone (and their mother) keeps asking me if I've found a job and I can now say, yes. I am going back to New Orleans. To make a long story short, I was not having any luck finding a job that I liked out west and the hospital in New Orleans called my agency and asked if I would be interested in working an additional contract. So... off I go. Tentative game plan: fly out to get my car in SF on monday; travel down the coast on tues; phoenix by wed; dallas/fort worth by thur; and new orleans on friday:) M is not going with me:( but I will get her within the 1st couple of weeks provided housing is not an issue. (I may end up in a hotel and I'm not sure how she'll handle that-it's all negotiable at this point:) AND- everyone keeps asking me "So, what happened to your sister that went with you out to New Orleans?" KATIE went back to Minnesota with Pete... and I am very sad to lose her. So, now- Kate has made the ultimate gesture and MOVED with me. Where are my sisters and friends that were supposed to come visit me? (with the exception of Emily who did come to visit:) This is now your opportunity!!:) Make haste, reservations are filling quickly. Alright, love you guys - I'll keep you posted... Jules
OH! And congrats to Sarah and Brad, they had a baby girl today: Lillian Elizabeth 9lbs, 10oz and perfect:) Sarah, you rock...:)