Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bee sting:(

I was riding home Thursday after work and it was a beautiful day. Mid 70s, almost no humidity, the sun is shining, the music is up-beat and I am relaxed. Can't wait to get home and love on the little dog, work out and head to a softball game. I get home, snap the leash on M, and we're off for an awesome walk. We get halfway down the block when I realize that M's left eye (ok - so where her left eye SHOULD be) is slightly swollen. I wonder if she's run into something that day and bend down to examine. At this point, I realize that it's not just her eye, but her jaws and pretty much her whole face are swollen. I try not to panic and immediately turn around: ABORT WALK. Next step: the vet. By the time I got back down the block to the house, her face has more than doubled the original swelling. I'm totally freaked out at this point and trying not to panic. I mumbled a few words to Emily that I think barely made sense and Emily carried her to the car while I ran behind her. By this point, M looks like she has a giant peach in each one of her jowels. Long story short: $70, a steroid shot and a lot of benadryl later... it was a bee sting to the left side of her face. Turns out this is very common, although it has never happened to M in her lifetime. My education continues... (oh- and these pics were taken a couple of hours AFTER the steroid shot, after much of the swelling had gone down and I was no longer in panic mode)

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The month of June: a birthday, blueberries, visits, etc.

The Holiday

As with most dogs, Miss M is not a fan of thunderstorms, fireworks or really any loud obnoxious similar noises. They result in the above pics (documentary of a recent thunderstorm) as well as whining and serious panting. Yay for this 4th of July weekend. Oh joy.

Sleepers. Chapter 524.

Warrior Clips

The art of gardening...

This is Emily's attempt at gardening thus far. I wish I could say that I too have growing plants but sadly, a friend, in an attempt to be neighborly, decided to "weed" the garden and accidentally removed all of my 6 week old plants. There will be no fresh veggies for Julie this year. Our hopes rest entirely upon Emily and her carrots.