Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I cannot believe how busy we've been lately. Kate and I are wearing ourselves out with the way we've been running lately. We can't wait to go home where things will hopefully settle down for a short while. We're ready for vacation!!! Only 8 more days of work and we plan on laying out on those remaining days:) he he he Okay, so here are the updates: Emily has come and gone but we have had an absolute blast having her here. I can't put EVERY picture of the things we did but we were able to sure her a fun part of san francisco. On Friday, we went to alcatraz, pier 39, fisherman's wharf, golden gate park and muir woods. (It was a very busy day.) And on Thursday night, we went to Half Moon Bay and Moss Beach. I still don't know where I'm going after this:(. Kate is excited about moving back to Minnesota and being near Pete again. And Emily made it safely back to Lexington. SO - more updates to come, just winding things down in our last few days. OH - i nearly forgot the biggest story: kate and i went paintballing with jon on sunday and what can i say? I NEVER realized paintballing was such a taxing hobby. I am so sore, it's unbelievable- and NOT from getting hit from paintballs. My legs are sore from running up and down hills with an extra 10 to 15 lbs on me. I mean, I've been running 2 to 3 miles a day, and my legs felt worse than after i ran my half marathon. unbelievable ....
btw: the 1st pic is the 3 girls on the ferry to alcatraz, the 2nd one is emily getting pooed on by a bird on moss beach and ... i think the last 2 are self-explanatory:)