Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What is the Issue???

Okay - so i hear that SOME people are having trouble figuring out how to make a comment on the website, so . . . here it is: at the bottom right of each blog entry there is an underlined phrase that states the # of comments that have been posted. Click on this. On the new screen, there will be a box to the right where you can type your comments: if you don't have a google account, simply click OTHER and you will be able to type in your name and your comment without having an account. KAPISH? (i have no idea if i spelled that right)- lauren, you're the teacher, help me out here. well, so i said that work sucked and there is only one other travel nurse that works with me and guess what?? yep, she's leaving. she's not fulfilling her contract. i won't use her exact wordage but to sum it up, she said that this job was crap, she doesn't have to put up with this "stuff" and she's not going to. i gain some satisfaction from watching at least SOMEONE tell these mean girls off, but sadly it is not my turn. i'm going to stick it out and see what happens. so, a funny story about katie: she's not used to driving a manual transmission and she "squeaked" the tires one day by giving it too much gas, so now she's so afraid to squeak the tires again that she refuses to give it gas. it literally takes us a minute of chugging before we ever move from a stoplight. SO she has the nerve to tell me that today she was in a hurry and she "took off and ZOOMED around the corner" there's no way in hell she ZOOMED ANYWHERE. unbelievable - her zoom probably means that she actually took off at a normal speed but i bet she was saying "oh my gosh!" the whole time . . . probably thought she was breaking the speed limit. :) katie refuses to write on here so i must tell her stories:) nothing too exciting here, though . . . except a bunch of beautiful weather!!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back to the grindstone . . .

So, the work week is in swing again . . . blah blah blah. but here is one of the pics from our outing with jane and larry - we had so much fun! more pics to come, jane is so awesome: she's sending us a whole cd of pics. fun! okay - so christina and i agree: if you're going to read the blog... YOU MUST COMMENT! we want to know who's keeping up with us:) and i have a couple of funny train stories today: first of all, i lost my monthly train pass for january last night. so, no big deal, right? its only two days until the end of jan, i'll just buy a new monthly pass. not so easy it turns out. to make a long story short, i was yelled at on the train and almost got a $250 citation AND the girl proceeded to embarass me over the intercom to the ENTIRE train. so that put my panties in a wad way too early this am. THEN i got off work a little early and let kate know what time my train would come in so she could come and pick me up. let me preface this with: there are "baby bullet" trains that run a few times a day that skip small train stations and just hit the big ones: my stop is a "big" one. apparently, though, not today. about the time that i realize we're going way to fast to be stopping at my station, katie is sitting out in the car, watching my train whiz by. she had to come and pick me up 2 stations away and got lost once or twice on the way. luckily, we found humor in the situation and all turned out well. she had M and cookies in the car for me. i'm having major transportation issues lately:). other than that, kate and i are making our list of things to do before we leave here. and i'm really enjoying her company - i didn't realize how much i missed my lil sis:) love you guys

Monday, January 29, 2007

Okay, so sadly, i don't have pictures yet to show you from our outing with jane and larry yesterday, but . . . WE HAD A BLAST! we were completely exhausted at the end of the day and it's taking us a full day to recover but kate and i agree: it was definitely worth it. we saw so many fun things and we really have a good idea of where we want to go. whether or not we will actually be able to get back there is another story:) but we had lots of fun. can i just say on a side note: i hate boys. i'm not even dating one and i hate boys. it doesn't matter who they are or what involvement i have with them, they always seem to disappointment me. (fathers are excluded from this generalization) are my expectations too high, do i know the "wrong ones"? or are they really all as lousy as they seem, albeit some lousier than others? i don't know, but right now, i am thoroughly disgusted. on to better and more important things: katie FINALLY had a funny story from work but she won't post it on here so i guess i'll have to:). she said she was at work the other day and there's a kid that works there that's really quiet and katie said she could tell that he was different from others that she works with and she's tried to engage him in conversation a few times, but he would never talk to her. she thought it was strange but she continued to say hi to him whenever she would see him. so, the other day, she was walking in to work and she saw him and said "hey, "tim", how are you today" and all of a sudden he just started yelling "I RUN OVER PIGEONS . . . THEY'RE MEAN BIRDS . . . I RUN OVER PIGEONS . . .!" i thought it was so funny:) so i want to hear massive applause for katie's story (she needs encouragement to post more - you KNOW more funny stuff than that happens at Target - and we want to hear about it) all in all, things in san fran are going well - there's lots more to tell but i'm too tired tonight. more to come later this week when we're rested and we have pictures from jane and larry. good night:)