Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What is the Issue???

Okay - so i hear that SOME people are having trouble figuring out how to make a comment on the website, so . . . here it is: at the bottom right of each blog entry there is an underlined phrase that states the # of comments that have been posted. Click on this. On the new screen, there will be a box to the right where you can type your comments: if you don't have a google account, simply click OTHER and you will be able to type in your name and your comment without having an account. KAPISH? (i have no idea if i spelled that right)- lauren, you're the teacher, help me out here. well, so i said that work sucked and there is only one other travel nurse that works with me and guess what?? yep, she's leaving. she's not fulfilling her contract. i won't use her exact wordage but to sum it up, she said that this job was crap, she doesn't have to put up with this "stuff" and she's not going to. i gain some satisfaction from watching at least SOMEONE tell these mean girls off, but sadly it is not my turn. i'm going to stick it out and see what happens. so, a funny story about katie: she's not used to driving a manual transmission and she "squeaked" the tires one day by giving it too much gas, so now she's so afraid to squeak the tires again that she refuses to give it gas. it literally takes us a minute of chugging before we ever move from a stoplight. SO she has the nerve to tell me that today she was in a hurry and she "took off and ZOOMED around the corner" there's no way in hell she ZOOMED ANYWHERE. unbelievable - her zoom probably means that she actually took off at a normal speed but i bet she was saying "oh my gosh!" the whole time . . . probably thought she was breaking the speed limit. :) katie refuses to write on here so i must tell her stories:) nothing too exciting here, though . . . except a bunch of beautiful weather!!!!


Em said...

So listen up you two: I need to converse with you all about Spring Break but for some reason no one likes me and don't want to call me back. Yes I am being a baby (just to make things clear). And just wanted you to know that the only thing funnier than the stories you put up here are Chris's comments about them...also, to comment on the other day, pigeons are very mean birds and deserve to be hit. :)

christina said...

Emily!!! I am shocked. We should all remember that none of God's creatures deserve to be anhialated by car or any other motorized vehicle. Well...except for guinea fowl, but they are a plague on humanity anyway.

Kate, don't let julie talk smack about you! Oh, and can you send me the receipt to the blanket you got me for christmas? stupid Target will only give me credit in the housewares dept, and we need other stuff!

Julie...what did you guys do this weekend? you are slacking off, chica! I hope it was something exciting. Oh, and the girl who's leaving from your work isn't your new friend in the complex, is it? i hope not; that would be sucky.

Ok, love you all!