Sunday, February 4, 2007

Half Moon Bay

We Love Beaches . . . we had the most wonderful saturday:) we drove to half moon bay with the travel nurse who's leaving (suzanne) and we walked along the beach for two hours - it was mid 60s so we were even able to take our shoes off and roll up our jeans! - and then we walked around downtown and ate lunch outside. THEN we found this wonderful little wildlife refuge called moss beach and it had this whole area where seals were nesting! it was so cool! and there are these rocks all along the beach that you walk around on (the seals are also laying on them) and there are millions of little crabs in their shells . . . we even saw a starfish!!! (thanks to kate's eagle eyes:) so we ended up watching the sunset over this beach and it was amazing . . .we have lots of pictures but they weren't digital so we can't post them yet. BUT i have ordered my digital camera so i should get it by friday this week. :)! more pics and stories to come~


Christina said...

That's so awesome. The beach sounds so relaxing right now! Did you get to put your feet in the water? It sounds like you guys had a great weekend. Can't wait to see what's on the agenda for next weekend. I'm thinking that the winery idea sounds spectacular. Hope you both are having a decent Monday. Love you lots!

Christina said...

Oh, and I'm SOOOO pumped that you're getting a camera! What kind did you decide to get?

Christina and Chris said...

Hey, thanks for the birthday greeting...I sure missed celebrating with you guys, but the backrubs are still sweet! Keep up the great storytelling:) Love ya, Mom