Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Screaming Eagles!!!

Ok - some quick updates: on sunday i went to an antique bazaar in alameda with jane and larry and it was so much fun! there was anything and everything imaginable. but the most interesting was the assortment of people you could see wondering around. i had some fabulous kettle popcorn and then jane and larry took me to eat at a neat restaurant on the harbor where you could see the water from both sides. it made for a very relaxing sunday. so i was talking with one of the girls at work today and she said that on one of her travel assignments, her apartment was next door to a school for the deaf. she said that every saturday they would have some sort of sports tournament AND . . . their team name was the SCREAMING EAGLES! i laughed so hard i nearly fell out of my chair. so i thought i'd spread the laughter. i thought it was a very cute name. we are tentatively planning a trip to wine country for saturday (and yes, spending the night:) more to come later . . . and christina, my new camera will be a canon powershot A710-IS. it's gonna be so cool . . . :)