Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fessing up.

Well, as some of you already know... I hijacked it out of North Dakota as fast as that little Civic would take me and M. We took refuge at Miss Katie's for a few days. The weather was horrid in ND and the job was just not great enough to make it worth my while. So, I am currently BACK at Mom and Dad's although I just recently made a trip to South Bend to see my favorite nephew! .. and watch my Cardinals be completely destroyed by Notre Dame:(. All in good fun, though. I say - rematch next year! I am currently searching for a permanent job in several cities in the region and am waiting to see which one presents itself. The new plan: back to school. It's time to move forward. The pic is from my recent trip to see D and the family. (By the way, I taught him the word "clock"! When he goes past it now, he points and says Clock!) He's so smart:).