Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fessing up.

Well, as some of you already know... I hijacked it out of North Dakota as fast as that little Civic would take me and M. We took refuge at Miss Katie's for a few days. The weather was horrid in ND and the job was just not great enough to make it worth my while. So, I am currently BACK at Mom and Dad's although I just recently made a trip to South Bend to see my favorite nephew! .. and watch my Cardinals be completely destroyed by Notre Dame:(. All in good fun, though. I say - rematch next year! I am currently searching for a permanent job in several cities in the region and am waiting to see which one presents itself. The new plan: back to school. It's time to move forward. The pic is from my recent trip to see D and the family. (By the way, I taught him the word "clock"! When he goes past it now, he points and says Clock!) He's so smart:).


Favorite Uncle said...

Welcome back! I like your attitude--its time to move on! And looking at the possibility of graduate school is smart! (By the way, Kansas City has some mighty fine nursing schools!)

The welcome mat is always out. And Molly sends her greetings to M!

Favorite Uncle

Favorite Uncle said...

I like the new look--just wish a new post went with it! POST!

Love and kisses,
An old beer in the refrigerator

Emily Emily Emily Emily!!! said...

Wait wait wait...why have beers become old?? They should be newly born in the fridge when they are drank (if they even get as far as the fridge). I'll be home in a little less than two weeks and we can drink some burrs. :) Love ya!