Friday, April 30, 2010


So, apparently we just can't get enough of the live music these days. Last night, just one night after our Will Hoge experience, Joe and Bryan took a shotgun trip to Louisville to see a fave band of theirs and ours: Candlebox!! It was a perfect night to be outside listening - the sunset was beautiful, the atmosphere was perfect and the music was rocking. The only negative: we all came back to reality with a bang. No rest for the weary. Ah well - we enjoyed our mini-visit with two awesome brothers. Thanks bryanjoe (as Michael so lovingly used to call them:)!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Em and I had the pleasure of seeing Will Hoge in concert last night at the waterfront here. Whoa. My. Gosh. I may become a groupie. He has some serious talent... and lyrics that speak to my soul:). Enough with the dramatics. Here are some of the pics. I'm too impatient to upload my videos. Can't wait til he does a concert in the area again. A few of my fave songs (since I now have every song he's ever done - to my knowledge): Sunshine Burn, Woman Be Strong, It's A Shame, Break Your Heart, Lover Tonight and Dirty Little War. They are all must-listens. Oh - and Em and I have found another friend who is quite possibly more in love with Will Hoge than we are. Last night we went with JohnE and his sister Ashley - we were quite the sibling foursome. Good times.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mini-Marathon ... Check.

Emily and I both ran the mini-marathon this past weekend. All of our hard work was finally put to the test. We started out with trash bags and styrofoam visors on due to the rain. It was a light to medium rain for the first four miles and then the sky cleared a little and we even saw a little sun. The last nine miles were all dry. We lost ten minutes waiting at a porta potty and actually ended up running into some random lady's house. Thank heavens for good samaritans. We ended up splitting up at the 10 mile marker but I think we both felt remarkably well and kept our own paces. Good job, girls. Next up: Warrior Dash on June 20th. Standby. (I added the after party pics as well here).