Thursday, April 29, 2010


Em and I had the pleasure of seeing Will Hoge in concert last night at the waterfront here. Whoa. My. Gosh. I may become a groupie. He has some serious talent... and lyrics that speak to my soul:). Enough with the dramatics. Here are some of the pics. I'm too impatient to upload my videos. Can't wait til he does a concert in the area again. A few of my fave songs (since I now have every song he's ever done - to my knowledge): Sunshine Burn, Woman Be Strong, It's A Shame, Break Your Heart, Lover Tonight and Dirty Little War. They are all must-listens. Oh - and Em and I have found another friend who is quite possibly more in love with Will Hoge than we are. Last night we went with JohnE and his sister Ashley - we were quite the sibling foursome. Good times.

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Anonymous said...

First off, is that Emily done with work before dark!?!?! Holy cats!! J/K!!! It looks like it was a lot of fun!!! Wish I was there to enjoy with you :( 21 days!!!! whoop, whoop!!

Love ya,