Friday, April 30, 2010


So, apparently we just can't get enough of the live music these days. Last night, just one night after our Will Hoge experience, Joe and Bryan took a shotgun trip to Louisville to see a fave band of theirs and ours: Candlebox!! It was a perfect night to be outside listening - the sunset was beautiful, the atmosphere was perfect and the music was rocking. The only negative: we all came back to reality with a bang. No rest for the weary. Ah well - we enjoyed our mini-visit with two awesome brothers. Thanks bryanjoe (as Michael so lovingly used to call them:)!


Anonymous said...

shut up!!! that's so cool!! i wish i lived close enough for to do that too :( I hope you guys had fun! can't wait to party with the girls! 19 days.....bitches!!!!

love ya,

Anonymous said...

post something already!!!

Anonymous said...

oh, come on now!!!!! post something!!! please?!!?!?