Saturday, February 10, 2007

Weekend #5

Okay - so today we went with Jon to the Winchester Mystery Mansion. All I can say is . . . it's really big. :) We had a fun time and took some pictures. I didn't take too many of the house because . . . well, pictures just wouldn't do it justice. But I posted a few here. And I have no idea what we're doing the rest of the weekend. It's really rainy here right now and I've been told to get used to it. This IS the rainy season - dang it!


Mom said...

Alas, your mom has arrived. Cool blog...I'm going to finish reading it after I type this! Keep doing the tourist thing so we know where to visit when we come. I'll try to keep up with the blog on a regular basis. Love ya, take pictures of yourselves! I like seeing my girls.


Mom said...

Hey, where's the pics???? I'm looking, but I don't see it the bread???? You know I like pictures:) Love ya, Mom

Christina and Chris said...

um...what on earth is jon doing?

Jon said...

taking a love test and the results are in!!! I'm one sexy man