Saturday, February 17, 2007

Okay - so today was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was in the high 70s low 80s all day today . . . kate and i went for a walk and we were actually Sweating - in the middle of february! Tomorrow we're going to play paintball with jon and we're really excited. it was a tough decision, though:) we were so tempted to go to the beach but we will save that for another weekend. here are a few more pics we thought you'd enjoy. they're from our weekend at half moon bay and moss beach. isn't that a fantastic sunset? and then kate and m are hanging out together:) we'll give updates on paintballing tomorrow (and hopefully we'll have some pics!:)


Christina and Chris said...

Make sure to shoot my brother in the *censored* area. Thanks :-)

P.S. Have fun!

Chris aka Rambo!

Christina and Chris said...

The beach?! I am sooo jealous! If you two even come back with a tan in the middle of winter, well, argh! So glad you're both having so much fun (woops, and m too). Beware of Jon, he can be sneaky!

Good luck, soldiers!


Christina and Chris said...

hey, how come no new updates? What did you guys do Sunday since you wimped out going to play paintball? Hope you both had great Mondays.

Love, christina

Jon said...

Why do you want to shot me?