Saturday, January 27, 2007

Plans for the Weekend (As Demanded by Christina)

Geez, you're bossy, Christina:) yes, we will be giving you updates on our weekend. so i talked to jane today and the plan is that on sunday she and larry will pick us up at 10 am (is this detailed enough for you, christina?) jane says that jon is trying to get off of work so that he can come with us but when i talked to him this evening he said, "uh yeah, i think i might be sick on sunday . . . " (cough, cough) what a punk:) but tomorrow is supposed to be really rainy so i'm not really sure what i'm going to do. i might use the day to clean since i haven't done that at all yet and then i'm going to ikea and then to buy a digital camera. i've decided it's time. i welcome any suggestions:) (hint, hint chris:) i went out for pizza and beer with my friend liz and we had a fun time. we're talking about possibly venturing into downtown san fran tomorrow night: she has a friend who lives downtown so we thought we might hit a few bars: yea! i would be so excited. i don't know what kate's plans are: and by the way, i've told her to make an entry on here but she says she doesn't have anything to say (i find that very hard to believe: i think she's holding out on some stories from work . . SOMETHING exciting/amusing must happen at target:) OKAY, we will keep you updated and once i have the camera . . . watch out!


Christina and Chris said...

my bossiness comes naturally from being the oldest. *wwhipishh*...that was the sound of the whip. get that camera! I'll let Chris know that he should weigh in on your camera purchase. We're leaving in a few, though, to go have dinner at someone's place. So he may not be able to weigh in until tomorrow. Okay, have fun today. And katie, you'd better start saying something! Love you both.


Anonymous said...

OOOHHHH!!!! Yeah, I think you might have forgot who I am. Your sight is SO CUTE. I couldn't figure out how to leave a f*^%*<' comment to make you guys happy;) Hope you ladies are havin' a wonderful time out there. Get to the club and let loose a little bit, go on "brush your shoulders off" and "smack that". HAHA Katie you know I don't dance, so you oughta get it outta your system while you're out there. Julie I think that you can help her with that, show her a good time.
Don't hold back
Enjoy yourselves


Anonymous said...

This blog is hilarious...I miss you guys and love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...that was from me, your long lost sister who you never talk to anymore. (Emily just in case you forgot the name too.) :)