Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ew... brothers.

Since returning to Mom and Dad's, it's been quite an adjustment to get used to not one, not two, but THREE teenage boys in the house. This is definitely not the same Massoth household that I remember. There have been frustrating and down-right angry moments off-set by several fits of laughter on occasion. If only pictures told the whole story...


Anonymous said...

for once!!! i am soooo glad i am not there everyday!! boys?!!?!? yuck!! clogging toilets!?!?! yuck!! jules and mom........more power to ya! now i know who to send my boys to once i have kids....goin' to aunt jules and grandma's!!! i love it!!! love you guys!!


Favorite Uncle said...

I had to put up with FOUR sisters before I finally had a brother. Not pretty. But they were so lucky and blessed to have me. One day, Julie, perhaps your brothers will say the same.

Favorite Uncle