Monday, March 9, 2009

Making changes...

Hip, hip, hooray!!! Hip, hip, hooray!!! The Massoth house is undergoing some changes. We are fixing, Fixing, FIXING!! The most exciting fix-it project is the upstairs bathroom. (See below). As Dad hauled the new toilet in the bathroom last night, he said (and I quote): "This thing is top-of-the-line and boasts that it can flush 40 golf balls... Joe, I DARE you to clog this thing!" (Gasp, I'm crying I'm still laughing so hard:)! Hopefully, long gone are our days of keeping the plunger at toilet-side. Ew. This has, however, presented a new problem for me. You see, Dad and the boys are now holding a discussion over what the old toilet should be used for. ?!...?! Bryan seems to think that they could use a new flowerpot. (If I have to haul that son-of-a-***** to the dump in MY little car, I will do it.) Meanwhile, the yard has become the garbage pail for the remnants of our fix-it projects... In that last picture, you get a full view of the mangled, broken swing in the background, the roof tiles that have blown off to the right and obviously, the new flowerpot at the forefront.


Anonymous said...

Haha! It looks like you just might be a redneck. I think that the toilet would make a great flower pot.

- Lee

Favorite Uncle said...

Tell B-Man that all his taste is in his mouth! On the other hand, progress (new toilet) only comes with a price (flower pot).

Keep us posted!

Favorite Uncle