Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Aaah... Joseph.

Well, for those readers who don't know: Joseph is my 16 year old brother and he had a car accident on November 30th, the Sunday following Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the details are (and I'm afraid will always be) etched in my memory. To make a long story short, I will let the pictures do the talking and will simply say that I am very very very thankful that he is still with us in person with only two broken arms as lasting effects of the crash. I sat down in church this last Sunday and as I gathered my thoughts over the last week, my foremost prayer was one of thanksgiving for the gift of my brother and life. But as I started to pray, I was suddenly struck by how inadequate my prayer seemed. How does one express appropriate gratitude for such a tremendous gift? I can only say that this incident has brought a new awareness to my day-to-day thoughts and life suddenly has a silver lining. Perspective is vital and I have certainly found a new one this week. So, here's to the TRUEST Thanksgiving that I have ever known.


Favorite Uncle said...

What can I say that hasn't been said thus far? I will just join the chorus in saying "thanks be to God" that Joe wasn't more seriously injured!

I showed the pictures of the car to my students today. At first, there was just stunned silence in the room, followed by several "oh my" and "wow". Then the common commment was they thought it was incredible that he survived.

I just received the family Christmas card, complete with the picture of the boys which now graces the door of my refrigerator.

Keep posting!

Favorite Uncle

Favorite Uncle said...

It is now the second day of a new year........and no new post from Julie! We are off to a rough start in the new year!! I did appreciate the telephone call even though I wasn't home at the time.

Bring me--and your adoring public--up to date PLEASE!

Favorite Uncle