Saturday, January 3, 2009


I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't let my blog die completely. As unhappy as I am about my current situation, it is even worse to continually talk about it. However, I will update my pitifully few readers on it. First off, I decided to forge ahead with the job in Louisville. Much to my dismay, 3 weeks in and one week before Christmas, I discovered that I despised that job. The final straw was coming home one night at almost 10 pm, in complete tears. No job is worth that. The thing is: I am a competent nurse. Not the best, but certainly far from the worst. I am extremely capable at what I do. This job... reduced me to the poorest work I have ever done. I felt inadequate the entire day, even as I struggled to meet needs, skipped lunch and only was able to use the bathroom once in a 15 hour day. So, after serious thought - I decided: NO JOB was worth the sacrifice of my peace of mind or emotional health. I am now (again!) unemployed and currently searching for another travel position. I'm not really quite sure what I want to do, so ... I think my best option is a short-term one that will allow me some time to re-evaluate before making my next move.

Secondly, Miss M's eye is getting worse so her surgery is scheduled for this Tuesday at 0730. I am worried about my little missy, but I have been saying some prayers. Her bloodwork was drawn on Friday and it appears that her kidneys, liver and thyroid are working well. Hopefully, there won't be any other surprises when she goes under anesthesia. Thanks to all who have been asking about her - your thoughts are appreciated!

I will update again on Tuesday about Miss M and hopefully I will have an update on the job as well! Good luck to all as you return to work and school this week:).


Jane said...

Phoenix or Northern California sound like great spots for your next stop;)

Favorite Uncle said...

I like Kansas City for being your next stop! And Mollie could be Miss M nursemate!

And thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

you can always come to Seattle again. You know you have good friends here. I'm sure you know who this is :)