Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Shit. Well, to my scant loyal readers who have not received a post in absolute AGES... I am in complete despair. I have started a job in Louisville that is at will, meaning that I only work when I tell them that I want to. My intent was to try it here for 6 months and see if I liked living in one place again. I am two days in to my job (orientation only!) and I am having serious cold feet. I want to run so far in the opposite direction that I think my feet have already taken off and I am clinging desperately to a railing, attempting to make an honest and fair effort. I am trying to remain calm but I am desperately fighting the urge to lay down like a child and wail my misery. I have one foot in the boat and it is already drifting from shore... while my other foot is firmly planted on land - I must make a decision or I WILL end up in the water! I hope someone is getting some humor from these horrible analogies. *Sigh* Any advice would be welcomed...


Anonymous said...

Alleluia! Praise be Jesus! She posts!

Since you asked: You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, Julie! If you are working "at will", you can also quit "at will" and then go do whatever your heart tells you to do. But you owe it to yourself to give it a chance.

Are you going back to school and getting a higher degree? That is a MUST if you want to enjoy freedom in the future! This should be a 'non-negotiable' as it is soooooooooo important!!

My best to you and your family for a happy Thanksgiving. Come for a visit soon!

Favorite Uncle

Christina said...

Unlike your fave uncle, I have no advice. Just wanted to say, lol to a funny post.

Carissa said...

well I have no advice either but I am glad that you are in town! I was hoping to get Michele, Pam, myself and all our children together and hoping maybe you could join. Write back and let me know.