Monday, September 22, 2008


Having a great time here: everything has been so hectic; this has been my first opportunity for a post; paris was awesome; climbed the eiffel tower; saw notre dame; headed to italy tomorrow - another stamp on the passport!!! was in monaco last night; went to the monte carlo casino and drove on the grand prix!!! florence for two days, then rome for two days then corfu greece and fun in the sun!!!!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh!!! all in what, 4 days!!?!? i'm so excited for you! it sounds like you're having a good time! miss ya!! can't wait to talk to you!!


Christina said...

We miss you, too, Jules! So glad you're having a good time. We just asked ourselves yesterday, "Where do you suppose Julie is right now?" And do you know what our guess was? Standing on the Eiffel tower!!! :) I sure hope we were right. Hope you're taking lots of pictures! We love you!