Friday, January 4, 2008

On the road again ...

Okay, after extreme pressure from several parties, I will begin posting again. I'll try to keep it interesting, but - let's be honest: day to day life just ISN'T that exciting. So, a few updates: Elizabeth flew out to see me in Idaho and she and I drove home for Christmas. We ended up going through a GI-normous snowstorm and barely made it home in time. NOW: Mom and I are driving back to Idaho (where I have extended my current job through the end May at least) and Mom will be flying back from next week. We're having a fun time and stopping to seee family on the way. We're staying in Ogallala NE tonight and doing some sightseeing ... SWEET!


Christina said...

Keep the posts coming! And mom - hysterical! Did M end up eating the gerbil?

Your Favorite Uncle said...

Praise be Jesus! You are backing posting again!
Thanks for stopping by on your way back to Idaho! I loved having you here--and Molly loved having M to play with!