Friday, March 2, 2007


Okay - so here's the scoop: last night at 2040 california time, there was a 4.2 earthquake one mile north of lafayette, which is about 2 hours northeast of san francisco. we felt one of the three reported aftershocks but at the time we thought it was the kids running upstairs (we were over at liz's eating dinner and chatting). about 10 min after we commented on how loud they were upstairs, a bulletin flashed across the screen that told us about the earthquake. it was kinda creepy... but kinda cool:). so, that's the only major event happening here. stanford asked me to stay on at my present job, but i don't think-sorry- i KNOW i'm not going to stay on in my current job because I HATE IT. it's nice to have a break because it doesn't require a lot of brainwork, but i'm SO BORED. so, no news yet on where i'm going after this. i'll keep you posted. kate and i are getting really excited about seeing everyone at easter. em will be here in about 9 days and 2 weeks after she leaves, we go home!!! we have plans for the weekend to go out with some girlfriends from work on saturday and sunday. hope everyone has a fun weekend planned! love you guys, kate and jules

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Christina and Chris said...

ShShAkE iT lIkE A PolaRoID PicturE tOnIGHt!