Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Night on the Town . . .

Well - it was a short but fun weekend. Friday night kate and i ate pizza and hung out and i went out for beers with a couple of nurses from work. saturday, well - what DID we do saturday? oh yes, we cleaned ... and then we cleaned... oh yeah- and then we cleaned:) (we had quite a bit to do:) but saturday night! we went to a country bar in fremont, ca with a couple of other nurses from stanford and WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! I don't have any pictures yet but i will be sure to post them. there were REAL cowboys and they were riding the mechanical bull and it was amazing! they were really good! and they had a really great band there and we went with our neighbor liz and had a blast:) she's so much fun! today, M got her hair cut and her nails done:) kate and i had so much fun with her today- she's so little now! but just as beautiful as ever. i'm not sure, but i think she's been prancing about the apartment:) she really does think she's a person... oh! and she played with liz's cats harry and lloyd on thursday night but- i think she had more fun than they did:) ha ha Well, we hope everyone has a good week. love you guys, kate and jules


Christina and Chris said...

M should prance. She is beeeooootiful! I hope you are giving her extra snuggling time while she still smells so good. And yay for kitty friends! I'm sure she had such a good time.

As for your night out on the town...good for you! I hope you got your grooves on. You two deserve it! I heard through the grapevine (aka Aunt Debbie) that you guys are getting crappy weather this week. Serves you right for bragging so much about your 80 degree weather ;o). j/k.

Hope you girls had a good start to your week. Love you both!

Oh, and Jules...I'm checking the websites now. Wouldn't it be great to type "Europe, hear we come!"

Kate and Jules said...

Or wouldn't it be great to type "GREECE, here we come!" and by the way, work on your spelling, friend. Noone will be "hearing" us come:)

Christina and Chris said...

"Noone will be "hearing" us come"

That's what you think. I'll be screaming all the way.

And who the hell is "Noone"? Maybe someone needs to practice using their SPACE BAR. ;o)

Christina and Chris said...

Hey, I heard you guys lived through an earthquake! What's the scoop on that?