Monday, February 8, 2010

A little laughter...

This story is second-hand from a patient of mine today. This gentleman is a maintenance supervisor at a nursing home. After about six months of getting frequent tasks to fix a clogged toilet in the same resident's room, he decided it was time to replace the toilet. Upon removing the old toilet, however, he discovered an item that was occluding the flow of water: dentures. After speaking with the nursing staff, he learned that the resident had actually lost her dentures a few months before. The resident actually WANTED the dentures, so they were sent away to be autoclaved (i.e. sterilized). The resident received her dentures back and went on her way. A couple of weeks later, however, she began complaining that the dentures were hurting her mouth. She was then taken to the dentist where they made an astonishing discovery... the shitty dentures... were not hers. BA HA HA. It must be the sick nursing humor.:)


Christina said...

I am still giggling over this. Poor, poor woman.

Anonymous said...


That is sooo going to be my luck when I'm that age!! Please save me Jules!! Can't wait to see you!