Monday, June 22, 2009

When thou hast no computer, thou cannot post!

So, a quick rundown of events the last few weeks: Moved into the new apartment, still sparsely furnished but working on it. Canoeing, wine tasting and a broken laptop. Yes, the ^@!* piece of %@!^* finally died. (A sigh of relief in some ways). So, I was forced to buy a new computer and - as anyone who knows me - if you're going to do something do it right. So, I type this from my brand new (drumroll, please) ...macbook pro! SWEET!!! To sweeten the deal, I took advantage of the new promo which gives me an 8gb ipod touch FREE. SWEET-ER!!! Since this is my first night with my new toy, I am still learning and will not be posting pics tonight. Hope everyone is doing well.


Anonymous said...

jealous, jealous, jealous!!!!! i can't wait to see the fun stuff you can do with it!!! hope your birthday was a good one! did you get the cake?!?!!? cuz i sure as heck did!!! hahha. and it was amazing!! love you lots! can't wait to see you!


Favorite Uncle said...

PRAISE BE JESUS!! Julie lives to post again (albeit a very short post). Don't stop now!

Favorite Uncle

Jon said...

Nice, enjoy your new laptop and keep us updated on the blog

Anonymous said...

this is bull!@#$ !!!! you have a computer now and yet you STILL aren't posting!!! how do you think we're supposed to stay in touch!!!? huh, huh?!?! get on the stick lady!!!!

love ya!!


Anonymous said...

what the heck is this!!!?!?!

POST already!!!