Friday, April 18, 2008

Yo, Yo, Yo... SEMITE!

Today M and I went on a grand adventure to Yosemite! We got up early and got to see the sunrise as we drove toward Yosemite. It's getting crowded already! The snow is melting off so we did get to see quite a few waterfalls but here in a few weeks when Katie comes... oh man! We are in for a treat. Enjoy the pics!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Those are beautiful pictures and I'm sure they don't even begin to do justice to being there in person.
I have to tell you, Jules, that I got a kick out of your headline using "Semite". Yes, I know it is supposedly connected to the 'Yo, Yo, Yo' that comes before it! However, as theology teacher, Semite often refers to the Hebrews in the Old Testament as the Jews were Semitic people or Semites. And I thought "Oh my, she has turned Jewish or she is dating a Jew or she went to a Passover service!" much for any of this nonsense!
Keep posting! I love seeing what you are doing in your life!

Favorite Uncle

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the theology lecture oh so great "favorite" uncle. :) And in response to your last posting in my direction: you know you love me and I will be the one receiving the great wealth of your estate when you go...and don't forget that. Love ya Julie and I'll be talking to you soon!

aka Favorite Sister

Anonymous said...

Go visit someone and POST!!!!

Favorite Uncle