Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Okay - so M is enjoying her new babysitter... and life is boring again. I have settled into a routine and once again, I am bored. And it is hotter than a you-know-what here. I walked outside this morning and the face of my WATCH fogged up. Does that give you an idea of what the humidity is like?:) And it's only the beginning of June...Oh well. In a week and a half, I'll be going home to visit. I'm excited to see some of the girls in Louisville. Kate sent me a birthday package - she wins this year! She's the first to wish me happy birthday:) And it was such a cool package... you rock, Kate! Tell Pete I said hello but that I will try to steal you again:) Love everyone, Jules
P.S. This is the turtle that Kate sent M! I think she's still deciding if it's competition...:)


ktbug said...

YEEEAAHH!!! i love it when i win. i hope you liked your package. i M better learn to like her new toy!! just teasing. i'm excited that you finally got it. and how CUTE is the front of the card!?!?!? i loved it. hope work is going well. i have tomorrow off so call me when you get a chance. love you jules!

Kate and Jules said...

Thanks, Kate! And I love the card, too - it's on the front of my fridge! Love you bunches... Jules