Sunday, March 25, 2007


Okay: so, we are officially down to our last and final days here in san francisco. :( We are laying out every chance we get! Kate is so tan but sadly, I am far behind. I still have not found a job. BUT! kate and jon and i are going skydiving next sunday:):):) i am SO excited. i'm wondering if either one of them are going to chicken out:) EVERYONE WILL LAUNCH! is my motto- he he he Alright- well, hope everyone has a good week and for those of you who missed the last entry, scroll down because there are some very good pics...


Jon said...

OK all I can say is that I am going to be jumpinh out of s plane. Just call me chicken little.

Christina and Chris said...

what on earth does jon's comment mean? you guys are fruitloops. Fly, birdies, fly!


Christina and Chris said...

Congrats to Katie for rocking at the Targe. Not just anybody gets cake for only working three months. Not to mention the moolah in g/c form. So this one's for you, Kate-

Bring back
that looovin' feeelin
wooooaah that lOVin FEElin
Bring back that LOVIN FEELIN
Cuz its gone gone gone
And I (target) CANT gooo on

Ba dum
Ba dum

Christina and Chris said...

You should update us on your vacation at home. C'mon, you know you want to.

Kate and Jules said...
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