Saturday, March 10, 2007


Okay, we officially have three weeks left here... And we're trying to fit so many things into them. It's kind of stressful! My girlfriend Brandie made it into California from New Orleans and we're going to see her on Sunday. Today I think we're going to Santa Cruz. Kate really wants to go so we're making it our priority today:) And I think we're going to one of the wineries with Jane and Larry tomorrow. SO - we're counting down the days and I have no idea what I'm doing after this. I've applied for a job in Oregon yesterday but I haven't heard anything from the agency yet, but I'm hoping that I will on Monday. I will keep you posted when I know where I'm going:) Love you guys, Jules


Christina and Chris said...

Hey Jules, where is the job in Oregon? I heard that Portland is amazing. Maybe it's there? Have fun at the wineries today!

Christina and Chris said...

hey, how did the winery trip go on Sunday?