Thursday, January 18, 2007

I HATE WORKING . . . and M was bad:((

Okay - so, I never thought I'd say this, but . . . I WANT MY 12 HOUR SHIFTS BACK!!! I HATE working 5 days a week. I don't know how people do it. It's so . . . tedious and time consuming. yeeecccckkk. Tonight, katie picked me up from the train station (i know, i'm incredibly lazy but it's SO cold) and she said "well, M got a BOOP BOOP BOOP today" let me precedent this by saying that BOOP BOOP BOOP is what we do to M when she has done something bad and we tap her hard on the nose 3 times: BOOP BOOP BOOP:) there is no spanking, although sometimes she has to stay in the bathroom for a while. so, katie came home and M had decided to eat the remains of a taco bell wrapper that was on the kitchen table. kate said, "oh, M! that is very bad!!! boop boop boop" too cute:) and i will finally put some pictures on here. i developed some today and yes, i'm still using the old-school disposable cameras. we're having a good time, but . . . work sucks:)

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Christina and Chris said...

Henry is too cute...although he looks French, so maybe you should spell his name Henri. That's much more sophisticated. Sorry that work sucks right now. Try to focus on the positives--you guys haven't even been to Chinatown yet! You should get a big map of San Fran Valley and start flagging the places you've been and the places you intend to go. You can do that on if you want. Hehe, okay, going to go update my own blog. I'll link yours! Love you guys.